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Welcome to the homepage of Super Smash Flash 3 - The most popular fighting game of the last years. This game is played by thousands of people worldwide. Now you can play it for free at SmashFlash3.com. Play the game or read some useful information and tips about it below. Don't forget to share the game with your friends

About Super Smash Flash 3

Like all other fighting games, the main mission of the player in Super Smash Flash 3 is to kill the opponent. This may sound like an ordinary and straightforward game but you will be surprised as soon as you start playing. The variety of characters in the game is so big that it may take up to hour just to find out some information about them and learn how to use properly their advantages. Remember that every single character in Super Smash Flash 3 game is unique and has unique attack and defense skills. Almost all of them are known for you from other games,cartoons,movies and so on.


Another useful thing that you should know about the characters is that all of them can perform a special attack. It's called final smash and does a lot of damage if performed well. Remember that some of the character(when I say some I mean most of them) are locked at the beginning. You will unlock them during the game.


Now several words about the game modes. In addition to the standart 1Vs1 mode, user can enjoy a really impressive 2VS2 mode, where you can play with your friend against computer. Also the multiplayer mode 1VS1 is available to play with your friend.


Hope that you will spend great time at our website playing the legendary fighting game.